Report Highlights the Most Common Illegal Driving Habits

illegal driving

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A guide has recently been published by Teletrac Navman highlighting the most common illegal driving habits. The aim of the guide is to help drivers stay safe on the road and inform them of driving laws they might not even know they’re breaking.

While we all know that if we are speeding, parking in the wrong spot or overtaking across a solid white line, we are breaking the law; there’s a number of driving offences we might commit without even knowing we’ve done anything wrong. These offences can result in hefty fines, points on your license and make the roads more dangerous for everyone, with motoring lawyers getting involved in the situation.

The report, which highlights 20 illegal driving habits, was released in conjunction with Road Safety Week. This week was founded by Brake and takes place from the 19th-25th November 2018. The theme for last year’s Road Safety Week was Speed Down Save Lives, and the week saw nearly 9000 educators, community groups, companies and road safety professionals getting involved with the initiative.

This year, the Road Safety Week focus is on Bike Smart, as reports suggest that more than 100 riders in the UK injured every day in preventable crashes. The report on illegal driving habits is welcome in the run up to Christmas, as drivers are busier and under more pressure to stay on top of their busy schedules.

Once we are aware of the laws, we might be breaking without even realising, we can change our behaviour and make the roads safer for everyone. While we might know that falling asleep at the wheel is a bad idea, many don’t know that sleeping in your car whilst drunk, even with the ignition off, is illegal. Whilst you may opt for what you believe to be the sensible option of sleeping in your car as opposed to driving home, this too could get you in trouble, with up to 10 points on your license or a fine.

Other illegal driving habits include playing music that’s too loud and beeping your horn for the wrong reasons. Contrary to belief, your horn isn’t to be used to vent your anger at other road users. Instead, it’s only there to alert others of your presence on the road, a rule that, if ignored, could get you a fine of £30.

Flashing your lights to warn other drivers of speed cameras, driving too slow or one we’re sure many people will recognize, hogging the middle lane, are other illegal habits. More common illegal habits include eating, drinking or doing your makeup whilst driving, having a dirty number plate, or swearing at other road users.

Not attaching your sat nav to a stand or paying for food at a drive through with your phone are other screen-related bad habits which could see you fined up to £200. While most driving offences are clearly stated and understood by most road users, these illegal habits are regularly done on the road, compromising the safety of everyone. Familiarising yourself with these bad habits and making an effort to stop doing them will ensure the roads become safer for both you, and other users. It’ll also keep your license clean and fine-free.